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One is Company…Two is Complete

So many people ask me what its like having a newborn and a toddler, especially two boys, and its a topic that most mums discuss when they are planning to have baby number two.

I must admit, I was and still am obsessed with Rocco my eldest son who is just over two, and I used to get anxiety when I was pregnant with baby number two often thinking, how can I possibly love and adore another human being as much as I love my first born. I couldn’t quite comprehend how I would love them both the same, and it used to worry me that I wouldn’t love my new baby as much as Rocco.

These thoughts and feelings are very normal and common with mum’s the second time around, but I just hoped and wished for the same feelings towards my new baby to be the same. All mums bond with their baby’s when they feel them moving and kicking inside them for 9 months, I could even predict their little personalities before they were born! But nothing prepares you for the first time you finally meet your baby and hold them for the first time.


Romeo was born on 22nd September 2017 and after a slightly scary last 5 minutes of labour, he arrived safe and sound, without any assisted delivery and I instantly fell in love all over again. I would stare for hours at his tiny little features and his masses of hair and couldn’t believe how much I was obsessed and totally in love with my new little addition. They do say that breast feeding releases a happy hormone, and with Romeo latching on within minutes in the delivery room, I was on cloud 9! I was very keen to breastfeed both my boys and was surprised how easy I found it. Click to my previous blog post to read all about my breastfeeding experience.


After being in hospital overnight, I was in my little loved up state of mind and the pain killers we still kicking in, but I was really starting to miss Rocco. I had been in labour all through the night, and my mum was on shift doing the nursery run and looking after my little man at home. But I was missing him. I finally didn’t get to see him until the following day when he came home from nursery and I was pinning for him, as well as a bit nervous to his reaction seeing his new little brother. We had bought Rocco a little gift from Romeo as a token gesture to ease the change in dynamics in the house, a Paw Patrol car! But when he came home he made a beeline straight for the baby and was mesmerised by him. He kissed him and wanted to pick him up, so that was a brilliant sign.

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4 weeks in and Rocco is even more obsessed with Romeo that me. He is the first person he asks to see on a morning and the last person he kisses and cuddles at night. I sometimes have to hide Romeo in he sleeping pod in the dining room just to give Romeo some breathing space! The love he has for his little brother is amazing to see and I know they will become best freinds for life.

I on the otherhand have found a few things challenging. I am breastfeeding Romeo which does take time and attention away from playing and spending time with Rocco which I miss. But I keep telling myself Romeo wont be small for long and soon they will be able to interact with each other and we can all play together.

Mornings can be tough when I’ve only just managed to settle Romeo which can sometimes be around 6am when Rocco gets up! Paul has really stepped in taking Rocco on the nursery to give me a lie in and picks him up so I dont have to hustle a sleeping baby out to collect him. During the day

Romeo and I have our alone time, which is so precious and I enjoy every second. I am feeding him on demand so he literally goes everywhere with me. Having 30 minutes to myself is non existent.

Having both boys on my own in the evenings can sometimes be the most challenging. There is cooking, cleaning and giving each of them them attention which can be exhausting, especially when they are both crying and I have my hands full, I sometimes feel like crying too! I tend to feed Romeo while Rocco is strapped in his high chair eating his dinner, so I get 20 mins to feed Romeo, and bathtimes are a military operation. Once Rocco is down for bed, we all sit and read his bedtime story and then its pretty much early nights, ready for the feeding night shift to begin. Romeo can sometimes wake Rocco up in the middle of the night with his cries, so its a case of trying to settle them both hoping they fall back to sleep again, and this can be two to three times in the night.


My days and nights are dedicated to my boys, that’s what I signed up for and that’s what I love the most. My fiance Paul has been amazing, really stepping in when I need him and picking me up when I have the odd emotional episodes. He even treated me to a ‘Push Present’ from Romeo, a pair of Chrisitan Louboutin leopard print heels. I am saving them for our first date night without the kids! Its all about teamwork and making sure you still make quality time with your partner. I have been a slave to my boys for the past 2 years, but our wedding planning is on a roll and we have a trip to LA & Las Vegas booked in 6 months, kiddy free. I have my little team…my little family…where mummy is still the boss of the house and I would’ve have it any other way!


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    Beautiful Zeri. I am so proud of you

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