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Baby In A Basket

I’ve always been a lover of newborn photo shoots ever since Anne Geddes became famous for putting babies in baskets and dressing them up as adorable little flowers in flower pots. I always knew I would want one for my babies and I am lucky enough to have a good friend who is a newborn and family photographer, Lucy Prince.


Lucy Prince Photography is based in Leeds and has been established since 2008. Her photography has become popular with families wanting to take precious snapshots from bump, to birth and beyond. Lucy has the expertise to work with newborn babies who have to be 7-10 days old for her to skillfully position them into angelic poses. Any older than this time frame and babies are too alert and don’t lay still as much. She is like the baby whisper, making babies fall asleep into any position she wants to capture the perfect shot. Rocco had his first photo shoot with Lucy when he was 9 days old, and Romeo just a few weeks ago.

20161006_8441 copy (2)

I am super happy with the beautiful images of my little angels and have had them made into lovely canvas’ in our home. For anyone looking to have their precious little one’s turned into models for the day, visit

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