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Bye Bye Maternity

The past nine months have by far been the most pleasurable nine months I’ve ever had, bonding with my baby, watching my toddler turn into a cleaning obsessed fun-loving character and planning my wedding! Being on maternity the second time round has been a lot more relaxed. I think there is so much anxiety the first time round, always wanting to make sure that everything is perfect for you and your baby, whereas this time, I’ve been more baby led and let Romeo take the lead with his feeding, sleeping and daily activities and I must say, I’ve become a lot more relaxed as a mummy and he was sleeping through the night at 3 months old!


Six months into my maternity, I started getting itchy feet and wanted to dip my toe back in to work. I was in no rush, but my PR company has always been fun so I decided to pick up two new clients I could look after whilst working from home.

After a recent trip to Berlin for Valentine’s week, I decided to start a business plan on a concept I’d been looking into for some time. When Paul proposed last year, I wanted to take my bridal party to a luxury destination that was affordable but high end all the way. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places around the world and didn’t want my bridal party celebration abroad to be compromised. Whilst looking online for a company to book this through, I was disappointed to see that a lot of them couldn’t offer what I was looking for. Strippers, shots and suspenders didn’t really excite me, but beach clubs, private dining and personal shopping trip did!


I definitely realised I had found a gap in the market to provide people like myself luxury holidays for bridal parties as no one else was doing it. So I came up with Swan Parties! Instead of a hen, you’re a swan who is sassy, sexy, sophisticated, loves to travel and be entertained in opulent surrounds.

Since starting my business plan in March I’ve not been able to put it down. I set it up as a limited company, bought the trademark so I own the name, bought all the website domains, designed my logo and started building my website. Eight weeks later I am due to launch my website, working with two top travel and leisure companies who will be providing all my luxury travel packages. I am launching with 10 destination; Las Vegas, New York, Dubai, Paris, Milan, Mykoynos, Barcelona, Marbella and London. Swan Parties will look after everything from flights, accommodation in five star resorts, tables at some of the top bars and restaurants in the world, and activities such as yacht hire, beach clubs and helicopter rides, to name a few, once your out there.



Its been an exhausting few months, and something had to give. Running two businesses, a home and two children was too much, so I have decided to close down my PR company and concentrate on Swan Parties. This Summer will be the birth of a brand new chapter. Its an exciting time and I hope you will enjoy sharing my journey.

My pre-launch event will be held at the stunning Manchester venue, Menagerie on Saturday 6th May 2107, where I will be showering 12 brides-to-be with champagne, afternoon tea and luxury gift bags, and in return Ill be picking their brains on my concept as an intimate focus group.

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Anyone who wishes to attend can email me their proposal story, as I love sharing mine!

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