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Curly Tots

Ever since Rocco was born, I have always wondered what his hair was going to be like. With him being of mixed heritage, it could have been a variety of different textures. When he was born he had poker straight hair, then when he reached around 12 months old, his hair started to curl, but only on the top of his head. He had such a combination of different textures; curly and long on top, dry and fuzzy at the back, and short baby hair on the sides, it was a right old mish mash!

I struggled to get moisture in his hair without it looking too greasy, so I started to use a few drops of natural olive oil. As his hair grew, the sides stayed very short, so he looked like he had a natural Mohican. Six months later is was time to do something with his curly mop, but I didn’t want to cut it, I wanted to stick it out and see if I could get his hair all one length and looking luscious.

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Babies and toddlers cannot have too many chemicals in their hair, so I started to look for natural products that were good enough to work on curly or afro hair. I came across a product called, Curly Kids which range from £2-£3, and they are specifically made for babies with mixed race hair. I bought the conditioner and curl definition lotion, excited to try them during our bathtime routine.

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Firstly I simply used Johnsons & Johnsons baby shampoo to clean and cleanse his hair, then I added a generous amount of Curly Kids Super Detangling Conditioner, combed it through his hair, and left it on for 3 minutes.

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After washing out the conditioner thoroughly, I added a few squirts of Schwarzkopf Supersoft Kids Detangling Leave In Conditioner while it was still wet and towel dried it once he was out of the bath.

  untitled (22)

One sweet smelling delicious baby later, his hair looked healthy, curly and more defined. Usually the next morning he has fluffy bedhead from writhing around in his cot, so once he was dressed I used the Curl Kids Curl Defining Lotion and ran the product through his hair with my fingers. Try not to comb the hair, as it will only create a fuzzy head, diffuse the hair with your fingers to create soft curls.

The verdict is, I am super happy I found this product, it’s cost effective and it works! Rocco’s hair looks nourished and the dry hair at the back of his head is becoming healthier. I am going to continue with this routine for 6 weeks to get the best results, but right now I am a happy mummy!




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