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The Beauty Box

Ever since I was 13 years old and my mum took me to Boot’s The Chemist to help me choose some make up products,  I have been hooked on the latest beauty trends. I’ve been brought up on Cocoa Butter and Vaseline, which at the age of 32 has served a great purpose. In my early twenties I worked for MAC Cosmetic in Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser where I was fully trained in the different techniques of make up application for different skin types and current beauty trends. I still practice the same skills I learnt over 10 years ago and experiment with different brands to keep my make up looking on point. Here are a few items I have found this month that I would like to share.

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Back to Basics

With being Black British, I have always struggled to find the perfect foundation for my skin type that doesn’t leave my skin looking ashy or too greasy. I have always used Sleek Crème to powder foundation as a base, in colour shade Hot Chocolate. This product is priced at a very reasonable £7.99 and comes in 30 different shades. After learning how to highlight and lowlight my best and not-so-good features with contouring, I return back to MAC to try and find the perfect combination for light and shade. I sampled a few different colour palettes and found that the Pro Longwear concealer, £17.50 gave me the perfect results. The concealer is lighter and easier to apply than a crème foundation and great for blending. With it being part of the Pro Longwear range, it also sits on the skin day and night, doesn’t crease or slip off the skin. It’s designed to give you 15 hours of coverage. I’m usually a shade NW45 so I tried the NW40 as a highlighter, and NW50 as a lowlighter.

Blending Beauty

I usually use a foundation and concealer brush to apply my foundation rather than sponges, as I can wash and cleanse the brushes after a couple of applications. I came across Beauty Blenders about a week ago after watching some great videos on how silky and smooth it applies your foundation, so I decided to give it a go. I applied my foundation just marking out my contoured areas as normal using a concealer brush to highlight and contour areas of my face, and then used the Beauty Blender to make sure there were not tell-tale lines and to give me a smooth satin finish. The tip is to wet your Beauty Blender under a warm tap and squeeze out the excess water, once it’s damp either apply your foundation straight from the product, or blend in the foundation already applied to the face. The pear shaped sponges are better, as you can use the narrowed tip to get in to small creases around the eyes and the nose. The Beauty Blender’s are designed to give a flawless non streaky finish that some flats brushes and sponges can leave behind. I bought my blender from Beauty Blender, which is available online priced at £16.00.

Look In To My Eyes

On a recent trip to Barcelona, I raided Sephora to experiment with some new products. One of the items I bought was the Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow pallet priced at £38.00, which showcases 11 shades of bronze, brown, gold, nude and matte black pigments to create a natural barely there look, to a dramatic frosty smoky eye. I’m spoilt for choose for which colour to use, as each one of them compliments my skin type. Another little find I came across was an the Sephora Smart Liner eyeliner pen, priced $14.00. The arch of the pen guides your hand into creating the perfect feline corner flick, flawlessly.

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I have just recently subscribed to online beauty company GlossyBox, where at £10 a month , I will receive a selection of beauty products to try that are compatible for my skin type. I can’t wait to receive my little box of treats this month. Keep an eye out for my next Beauty Hotspot post!


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