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The Countdown: 6 Weeks to Go

This week I am 34 weeks pregnant and baby is already measuring around 18 inches long and weighting approx 5lbs, about the size of a savoy cabbage. I can really feel him twisting and turning now and I can feel exactly where is back, bum and legs are. I went to see my midwife this week and baby looks like he has had a growth spurt, he is measuring just above the average line! She asked me what I’ve been feeding him, which is ironic because I have bee feeling as sick as a dog all week and really having to throw food down me even when I’m not hungry. As long as he is growing, healthy and kicking, I don’t care if I have to suffer.


I have decided to donate my umbilical cord and placenta for stem cell research when I give birth, as it helps towards medical research for cancer and bone marrow treatments. It usually gets thrown away as human waste so its something I will be speaking to my hospital about as it needs arranging ahead of my delivery.

The contents of my hospital bag is filling up nicely, usually midwives advise to start getting your bag ready at 36 week, which is officially 9 months, but I like to be fully prepared. Its also a very comforting feeling knowing that it wont be long until I meet my baby. My hospital bag is already packed full of things for baby, leaving no room for me, but here is my list of essentials I have already prepped:

For Baby

Baby wipes
Night rompers
Clothes for going home
Hat and scratch mitts
Muslin cloths
Swaddling blanket
Car seat

For Me

Maternity bras
Maternity briefs
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Kimono dressing gown
Sleep socks
Flip flops
Mini fan
Maternity notes

Travel size products

Facial wash & wipes
Face flannel
Shower gel
Lip balm
Facial moisturiser
Hair accessories
Dry hair shampoo
Make up bag
Loose clothes for going home
Last and most definitely not least…a camera to catch all those precious moments!

I’ve really started to get into nesting mode, baby has everything all ready to go for his special arrival, but I’ve left myself last until now. I plan to breastfeed the baby, which I wrote about in my previous blog ‘Is Breast Best?’ so I have invested in some comfortable underwear and purchased plenty of maternity and breast pads. It will soon be time to hang up my Victoria Secrets underwear and plan for 6 months of wearing over the shoulder bolder holders.


Maternity bras and briefs are made of more durable and less attractive fabrics. They have thicker straps and usually don’t contain underwires, so trying to find some items that aren’t going to make me look like I’ve aged 20 years hasn’t been easy. I’ve found a great website Seraphine who have a great collection of nursing bras in an array of pretty designs. Maternity designer Isabella Oliver¬†also a great range of nursing top which have hidden buttons under stylish, tailored and fashionable fabrics.


Everyone who knows me knows how much I have loved showing off my baby bump in fitted dresses and tops that accentuated my lady lumps, but they will all be going to the charity shop once baby is born, nothing clingy or tight will be touching my body other than sturdy underwear.

Next week I will reveal my capsule post maternity wardrobe collection which will showcase pieces that are both classy and comfortable.


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