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Kiss The Town Red

For all those ladies out there, single or taken, we don’t need any excuse to dress up for our men or a night out on the town with the girls. This month is the season of love, be it your other half, your best friends or your beloved pooch. Get your rouge on to make sure you have the most kissable lips for the perfect kiss this Valentines weekend. My good friend and make up artist to the celebs, Hollie Fitzmartin and I have come up with our top make up tips for achieving the perfect red lip to suit all skin types from MAC Cosmetics. MAC is targeted towards people of all races, and have a great variety of pigments for all skin types;

Prep & Prime

Skin should always be prepared to give the perfect base for all make up applications, and your lips need some TLC too. Take a soft baby toothbrush, wet it, and gentle rub it over your lips to exfoliate and remove any dead skin from the surface. Invest in a good lip base primer to add moisture to the lips, I use Kiko Lip Primer (£5.90) which contains vitamin E and is fragrance free. It leaves my lips feeling soft, supple and without any greasy residue.

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Snow White

If you have very fair skin, freckles and your skin tends to burn easily in the sun, opt for a shade of red that has a blue-green tint. This tint adds a cool undertone that compliments fair skin and keeps any bright or fire engine red tones at bay. Try shade MAC Red, £15.50. If you are looking for a more natural daytime look , try a rosy red sheer lip for a lustres finish, Lady Bug, £15.50.

                                                      M3EW44.   M31A12

Blonde Ambition

Whether your a natural or bottle blonde, or you have medium skin you can opt for a more orange tone of red. If you want to stand out from the crowd and wear it bright and matte, MAC Cosmetics have a fabulous shade, Ruby Woo, £15.50. For a subtle gloss to had a hint of tint try Hot Tahiti, £15.50 to add a blush to your lip.

                                                     M0N904     M2LN30

Caramel Latte

Medium to dark skin tones can get away with most tones of red, that have a cool or warm undertone. You can be bold and experimental with a variety of different tones; opt for to fire engine red for a striking red lip and try Lady Danger, £15.50, or play it cool with Studded Kiss, £15,50.

                                                    M3EW44     M31A12

Sweet Like Chocolate

Usually women from African or Caribbean heritage will naturally suit mahogany, deep purples and berry undertones, so try Diva, £15.50 for a fruity looking lip. If you dare to walk on the wild side, try a bright tomato red with a yellow undertone for a vibrant showstopping lip, such as Dangerous, £15.50.

                                                    M2LP02.    M0N944

Once you have your undertone and colour palette nailed down, the next important decision is, will you go Team Matte or Team Glossy…? It all depends on the pigment you want to use, how bright or how subtle you want to go.

Team Glossy

A glossy finish will always give you ultra shine, youthfulness and suppleness to your lips. They are very easy to apply if your looking for a subtle tint of colour for every day wear. If you choose to go for a bright gloss with a high pigment, gloss can be tricky to apply and may ‘bleed’ in the furrows of your lip line after a few hours wear. Glossy lips do not tend to last as long as matte lips, but they are great for every day wear and very versatile to use. I use lip gloss every day, as its quick and easy to apply and I barely have to use a mirror. Its effortless. I have always used MAC Lipglass and regularly wear the LustreGlass which come in a range of sparkly  sheer and deep shades.

Team Matte

This finish takes time and precision. Combine your matte lipsticks are with a lip liner to contour the outline of the lips in preparation for the lipstick application. The best ones for creating the perfect red lip are; Cherry, Redd and Ruby Woo, £12.50, Start with the cupids bow, then the top arches of the lips and lastly the bottom lip. Be careful not to go too far over your natural lip line, otherwise you will look like Ronald Mc Donald! Once your lip liner is applied, add your lipstick, blot off the excess, reapply again, blot again and then add one final application. Add a touch of translucent power to give a powdery matte looking lip, that’s bold and ready to make a statement.

I have to admit I am a sucker for a good lip gloss, so I am most definitely Team Glossy! I love to experiment with different shades, but tend to stay away from oranges and pinks. My favourite lip gloss, which is also the names of my PR agency, is Russian Red by MAC Cosmetics. I wear and swear by it, I’ve worn it for years and its always my go to lipsgloss for nights out painting the town red!

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