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The Virgin Queen

One of my most read beauty blogs was ‘The Mane Event’ featuring how to find, wear and look after good quality hair extensions. Unfortunately there has been an influx of terrible quality hair extensions on the market which filtered down to me. I’ve been having a hair-mare, trying, testing and failing to find great quality hair extensions. I change suppliers regularly to find out what’s new on the market to try the best ones out there, but instead of being satisfied and overjoyed with my luscious locks, I was left with malting thin hair, which frizzed when wet and turned greasy and limp after a few days.

There are a lot of suppliers claiming to be selling virgin hair but most of them chemically treat the hair to mask its poor quality, once its been washed and the chemicals are rinsed out, you are left with a birds nest on your head! I spent three months in hair-hell tying to make the best out of each bad hair day, its was hard work! My poor hairdresser who I was visiting on a regular basis for conditioning and repair treatments was also shocked by some of the states I rocked up in. She was a lifesaver, but in the end it was down to getting a decent hair supplier.

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Hair salon owner, Ola Goldsmith launched her first salon The Magic Mirror in Nuteaon just over a year ago which has gone from strength to strength. Not only does she provide haircare services but her own hair care range and products. I went to her in desperation for help and within a week I had received my bundles of virgin Russian hair extensions to replace my tatty old locks, in hope that this hair was ‘The One’!


As soon as  I felt the quality of the hair I knew I was onto a winner, but after my hairdresser appointment where I had it weaved and styled in, I was over the moon. A week in and my hair is so low maintenance and looks the best it looked in over a year. I curls with ease, washes silky smooth and looks super healthy. I also use the Ola Goldsmith silky spray hair serum which smells delicious, protects your hair whilst styling and gives it a glossy sheen.


I cant recommend these products enough, they have been my lifesaver, I wont be shopping elsewhere, now that I have found the virgin hair queen!

If you would like to try out the range of luxury hair extensions, follow @magicmirrorluxuryhair or log on to and get 10% off your first order by quoting ‘zeri’ at the checkout.



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