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VS Takes Over NYC

I wish there was an inspo advent calendar which included personal training sessions, CryoFacials, Body Sculpting treatments and tummy toning magic potions! I am currently munching daily doses of Ferrer Rocher and Lint chocolate in the run up to Christmas…and on the 9th of December when all my will power is at zero, the most infamous, worldwide fashion show graces our screens in the UK, The Annual Victoria Secrets Fashion show. This year New York city had the pleasure of hosting the fabulous show.

I look forward to this spectacular multi million pound fashion show every year, so I waited in anticipation to see the jaw dropping sexy lingerie and sports themed collections that were set to capture the hearts of both men and women arcoss the world. From what used to be a lingerie fashion, has now turned into an hour long show of entertainment, which is aired worldwide in over 192 different countries.

For me, I wanted to see who the past and present Angels were this year and how on earth they could possible top last years show. Kate, Jasmine, Elsa, Candice, Lily, Behati, Martha, Taylor, Sara, Rachel, Stella, Jac, Adrianna, Alessandra and Lais all graced the stage with newbies, Kendal and Gigi for this Winters 2015 extravaganza.

The show was opened by Behati Prinsloo followed by a flurry of genetically blessed models showcasing the first collection; ‘Boho Psycodelic’ which was very Rock n Roll, inspired by music legends such as Janis Joplin. Colour popping wings, pucci-esque prints, hippy chic and gothic romance brought this energetic collection to life.

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Music artist, The Weekend sang the soundtrack to ‘Portrait of an Angel’ which saw Alessandra Ambrosia and her entourage of  angels wearing sexy ivory crystal entrusted lingerie, dusky pink lace and ribbon detailed corsets and ostrich feather wings.

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‘Exotic Butterflies’ was simply stunning, seeing these beautifully blessed models personify into a flurry of fluttering butterflies was breathtaking.  Visually abstract angel wings were switched to butterfly wings, infused with glitter, sequins and soft delicate ribbons which breezed down the catwalk.

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Selena Gomez added a salsa-inspired element to the show whilst the models strutted down the catwalk showcasing the brands diffusion line, PINK. The collection was uplifting, bright, cheerful and flying the flag for America.  Models slipped into sedectived ensembles of sexy firewomen, policewomen, cowboys, astronaughts and of course models draped in the American flag.

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The all white ‘Ice Angels’ collection was opend by Candice in a sequinned encrusted jumpsuit, followed by models dressed in white Russian hats, ski inspired accessories, snowflake wings and diamonds dripping from their perfectly tones bodies.  Ellie Golding sang her No1 hit song ‘Love Me Like You Do’ which added a soft, romantic ambience to the theme.

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This years Fantasy Bra was worn by stunning brunette Lily Aldridge which took 9 months to create the diamond encrusted masterpiece. Lily made her grand entrance wearing the jaw-dropping bra for the ‘Fireworks’ collection. This was my favourite collection to date…LED wings, explosive stars and rockets, Catherine wheels spinning wings and so much glitz and colour, it was the perfect finale.

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Ed Razek,  the Executive Producer is a genius. His vision and the inspiration behind all of these collections has made this show the most aspirational brand in the world. Young girls inspire to be a VS model, including me… but at 5’2” I will have to stick to buying some of these to add to my wardrobe collection and doing catwalk shows in my open plan living room instead. The show was purely spectacular, and I subconsciously went online to buy some of their little lingerie sets. It would be rude not too!

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